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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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overturned suv with a rifle in hand she her two death outside of her passenger door. >> pastor mel kendall mccray from the beginning christian church says that she was a a beloved church member and frien twenty-year. >> she was so much to the famil and church. >> 29-year-old come in unemployed comment has been seeking to the police although they have not revealed what he said and have not yet determined a motive behind the killing ne come a spokesman says the death investigation is not indicated wasnv a hate crime although possibilities are considered. >> h ca family member confirmed is a marine corps veteran comin fuses say if he had a
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for 2,004 until 2,008 with two tours in iraq. he earned several metals including marine corps good conduct medal and combat action ribbon. ptsd is a factor in his crime is a question remains to be answered for both investigators and his cover or family/friends. >> hewhere wounded for the week but we trust go to see us through cover as christians tha he will not put in a more hones that weekend there.ouri police not speaking about investigatio they do not want to copwise future prosecution so they are proceeding cautiously. the question is what pushed him ove the edge and where they're
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backgroundy' including past roa rage incidents. >> matt wright look through records and talk to those who knew the suspect reporting fro north ridgeville. >> matthew desha is no stranger to the place herere where he is listed in a dozen police report between 2,008 in 2013 they say that the marine corps veteran suffering from ptsd after serving in iraq. a friend shows this picture of him with a loaded handgunow and 2011 in fr of his pine ridge mobile home: he says they were joking around come with a neighbor called the police. and charged him with using a weapon while intoxicate come in two months earlier a police report noted that he suffers from ptsd. slaves as a loaded weapon and two officer should respond to his address
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a road rage incident which the slammed on his brakes on center ridge road and no charges in that incident. friend said that he quit his foreign job and seemed depressed. >> emwas not taken his meds don think you got the right help he said people don't respect us: we fight for their freedom comin clipped himng and put them back into war mode. in our response at his mother's home in north ridgeville thousands nationwide are asking prosecutors to
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their 2-year-old girl accused o killing her father: the girl's mother and attorneys say thatth the father was abusive and she was trying to protect her mothe ase peggy gallek here with the latest on the casep. >> close to 7,000 signatures were obtainedat in an online petition to have charges dismissed againstn 50-year-old bresha meadows come in members of the mahoning valley organizing coll court to get the petition to th prosecutor they want thee charg dropped: accuser killing her 41-year-old father jonathan meadows on july 28 inside of their warren home from a prosecutor said he cannot accep the petition. organizers said they will return: her mother says o that he had abused her for years and threatened too kill h and her children and she said thater bresha meadows was protecting her spirit i think
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counseling officeou with a psychiatrist or therapist but not in jail. >> relatives said they don't believe he was abusive comment v the s been logged since cameron cohen will be in court for a pretrial tomorrow and the have not decided if she will be tried as an adultowd drama one is thene next step? >> tomorrow they will have the pretrial hearingng prosecutor s if they can bring evidence of abuse come a then he would look at the charges come in that is what the defense is going to gather evidence in hopefully g that to the prosecutor tomorrow and then decide what happens.
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cleve and is trying something in the fight against her will come inf to stop although the overdoses on streets as ed gallek your with more on the ne approach. >> cleveland ambulance crews now give away kits with bedrock to reverse the effects of heroing overdose they say that no other public safety unit in the country does this.s for years paramedics have used the drug overdose patients now the city offers these kids our hope is to save lives: people may use it again but we hope to get them t
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into rehab. >> they say that cleveland had dozens of overdoses this weekend: they want them to carry these and use them on calls want to get them into the hands of patrol officers come i likely in the coming months. >> in what reaction are you getting from this approach? strong reaction with different views some and other say if you mess with harold koh event too bad for yo and don't make the taxpayersrs for it so some strong views on both sides. >> the safety forces are on the
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a sad day as gene wilder passes away: known as the original willy wonka . the actors nephe confirmed that he passed away from publications from wholesalers. it drew praise from his 50 years as an actor h was 83 years old after given up 30 points to tampa bay in their throat preseason loss their making changes on the defense getting rid of a starter can't because as a huge surprise and it comesse as a surprise to the player himself and some of those who looked up to him as dave nethers joins us. >>
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to them. this past week come a in the third preseason game versus tampa come a paul kruge was the starting outside linebacker on and had a veteran presence in the locker room but now is not with the team event with the browns for three seasons come la significantly in this preseason has been underwhelming color bu still came as a surprise to his fellow players and two himself who e treated his thanks to the haslams that he will miss wearing the browns monday nine jersey recalls his dismissal amos andrew cuomo unfortunate and the wrong decision . >> let people go because there is a performance
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everybody come up when you let players go you give them a chance to catch on at other places come a great thing to do is to move forward and move on. >> we lost a good player and he was productive in the league bu because our coach told us about when and about the next man up come opportunities and you've got to be able to make plays. >> just last week against capicola girder had no sex colo he only recorded to mrs. on tackles. a veteran presence on
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classes and most districts have already started spin some have been open for weeks come in but should they? in local lawmaker come on when they should go back to school
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that was yesterday the 5-k-k yesterday at 9:00 a.m. the they had the 1 mile walk earlier. it was a great dayth the fox 8 foxtrot. whether you walked or ran come in 2,000 people
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for the foxtrot. >> that will help local veterans at louis stokes medical center. melissa reid looks back on that day. >> thousands people placed at their shoes for the annual fox foxtrot. it will benefit louis stokes cleveland va medical center. >> the generosity allows the veterans to do things that we cannot provide with tax dollars tooo restore confidence in over physical function. >> unit will go directly to support critical programs at th
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work at the va know-how critical these finances are to the va. >> for theater of the foxtrot presented by northern ohio hond dealers at a new location of mall c and a new course. > the 5-k goes through playhouse square going to run in front of the rock hall and >> thousands hitting the pavement together for good cause. >> dwayne burns this is where you this is why iran he was a fighter pilot who flew 20 formations in world war ii spin i donate to the veterans home i sandusky. > see all of the veterans here
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that's why i have done this for five years. and if the good lord will let me continue to do this then i will be back every yearo >> melissa reid fox 8 news. >> and i love that new route come at you get to run underneath the chandelierer coa with sony i took a picture of it. lots of people posing for selfies it was terrific not jus about raising money but to also raise awareness to help these veteransa. >> we were on our way back from lynchburg virginia.n from liberty university. >> sophomore year. >> time just goes by fast the
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>> midwives hot and humid.
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there is a bubble of high pressure coming it has decreased the chance of showers. you can see the southern limit is in southern ohio common into kentucky. this is a swirling eddy of showers/storms just off shore from the banks of north carolina that isis tropical
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this entire area behind the cold front color shaded in blue-collar it is going to change color tuesday color is 30th and wednesday 31 of august and
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on facebook come in the pregame protest is getting backlash. >> elizabeth noreika joins us with trending. >> . >> en nfl protest coming getting mixed reaction, colin kaepernic responding to what he calls a political statement not to stan during the national anthem.
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is to bring awareness to make people realize going on in the country lots of injustice that people are not held accountable and that needs to change spirit this country stands for freedom liberty and justice was not happening. >> says the decision was made t take a stand for civil righ issues. his decision draws criticism from many people groups said he was wrong or should have chosen different wa to express his feelings. the nfl says that players are not raged to stand but required. many people are angry about this they say that the anthem is about a showing respe for those who have fought for
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proper venue. >> . many people talk about speaking out and taking a stanc on social issues, but not suggesting that you do not stan and are brought up to respect the national anthem and the american flag comment but this gets a lot of attention for the wrong reasons. >> many people who have family in the is disrespectful. >> facebook decision to ditch humans in favor of robots may b biting them in the bites, a new column to the trending column o the right side of facebook used to show ten headlines with a short description now it comes you have to hover over the topi to get a description, actual
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forpt filtering the stories now is based upon algorithms becaus a problem when a false story about fox news anchor meaghan kelly mated to the top ten list the fake story called her a trader for backing hillary clinton it was removed after several hoursrs some say it's a clear sign of what to expect after getting rid of human
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growing up his family lost a house in a flood. and a second to a fire. ted strickland learned early in life what one bad break... what one missed pay check can do to a family. the first in his family to go to college - his dad worked in a steel mill, his brothers finished concrete. that's why he's fought against every bad trade deal - from nafta to to most favored nation status for china. ted strickland: ohio, heart and soul.
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local man facing hit-and-run charges near the lorain county fair last night they claim the life of a mother of four. >> lja >> this in the driver was drunk driving and caused two other accidents before stopped. >> 38-year-old linda velez and your family and left the lorain county fair in wellington sunda ninene were walking tour their
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please to out-of-the-way coin but she was killedcolor they say that gregg boxss was involved in two other actions before they caugh him at a wellington burger king he faces charges of aggravated vehicular homicide,in omvui and leaving the scene of an accident.e . >> we thank, some of the comments he made in custody tha he was callous in regard to what he had done and the consequences. >> eqc he took away the best woman from us.
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$500,000 after pleading not guilty they do not know where h was drinking last nightt but there is no uncle served at the county fair. >> police investigating a smash and grab at the family dollar store at east 54th and harvard suspectsts grabbed a stolen car and stole the atm, bci is investigating. >> why is school starting to early, and is it too hard to learn that you are many districts , this may be the case. >> a state senator believes she has the solutions by introducin new legislation to change the start of the school year as
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many people talking about this, from lack of air conditioning to students working summer jobs come in and want to spend more family time, senator gil manning says or benefits to push back the first day of school and two september colorb she is spoken to many who are upset with the mid-august starting color is pushing back t school for schools until after labor day september in the new bill coming it is up to local school boards to decide the first day of school for their districts something that theay school board association says has been working for years the association opposes the idea of a state-mandated calendar stressing that not one size wealth at all color but the senator says districts will hav options.
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to opt out, that they had to have a public hearing at least 30 days before so that parents can weigh in on the situation. >> we went to school after labor day caught him and gave us more time to enjoy the summer and c bit longer time to learn. >> she says that hopefully will be assigned to the committee in columbus and it helps to get a hearing on the proposal once the ohio general assembly convenes before november is not know how to be reintroduced next year color will have more reaction
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it is a concerning russians over the weekend, over siberia sunday reportedly got flooded with calls from people who thought i was as nuclear mushroom cloud. people thought that may have been an explosion from the nearby coal mine but it isis harmless cumulonimbus cloud. it has clear skies all around and the skinny column, it is unusua but that is clearly just a thunderstorm. cumulonimbus is
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i would have said, in russian color it is okay. i've could have told
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81 degrees, the big deal is that the dewpoint is dropped off color still have some muggy air. in mansfield, points south, there is a tinge of unity and then it
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tomorrow, when the temperature comes back up, 85 degrees, mostly sunny, very warm, you can see that the high-pressure ridge lisa comes in, then we have the floodgates
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, so get ready, as we start to flip the calendar to septembere on thursday, it will be in the low 70s, the same for saturday color and friday, saturday upper 70s, may be just under 80 sunday with low humidity, great sleeping for about five days, may be rainfre for ava lager, come it is one o those great c september stretch. >> which we are in ohio. anthony weiner is in trouble again. >> coming up, is accused of doing that has his wife leaving
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starting with that man in question caught more trouble for anthony weiner
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congressman reportedly facing another sexting scandal he was cut last year sending messages to the wall and, who told the post that began in january 2015 and continued until last month colorinnu after the latest scandal called his wife, hillary clinto advisor w mylan announcing mylan announcing it will be about half the price of the same medicine the generic only costing 300 instead of $600. scientists say they may have determined the oldest human ancestors died million years ag they found the remains of lucy in ethiopia in 1974 and have been trying to learn about her
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it's supposed to be a fun game but almost turned tragic when adults got together for a
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the goal is to run as far up the day pole and then to grab the flagged content muchch of the fun is to see how people fall off the pol
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summer fun nearly turns deadly for a michigan woman. if not for the quick actions of her friend come if she may not be here to tell her story colorr they went to a party wit coworkers color and then she fell on the slip n slide curren events later french realize tha something was wrong she had sufferedhi a hemorrhage and cou have died if not for her friend who are hospital coworkersnd . i remember when i was talking. i am awake and i am thankful to god for saving my life and for the blessings i have received. for such a quick recovery. >> she is still recovering come it will not return to work for
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coworkers have donated time off to help her while recovery. >> dr. seth at more parents opt out of giving children vaccines. >> they say that they encounter more parents who do not want their children vaccinated, 87 percent of pediatricians encounter parents refusing, the most common reason is believing that the vaccine was unnecessar because the disease has been wiped ut in the united states, those who have dismissed patients afterun repeate refusals, have risen to nearly 12 percent, double the 2,006 rate. >> researchers say that sitting in traffic allows pollution to settle in your car then well moving, they gather up to 40 percent moret pollutants, they say there is an easy solution
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use the recirculation feature your car fan. we returned a look at the foxtrot and what that meant to those involved.
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ali ghanbari co-op has this look at who helped to make the
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ace molar's been together 14 years at is th fourth year with the foxtrot so excited to be here to do some music for the people that they. >> > >> another great year to is just awesome to see this many people here supporting the veterans. >> utohi really proud of the people who showed up appreciate it.
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it is a great day come and look at this crowd, over 2,000 people here for the fourth annual fox 8 foxtrot color it has been remarkable. >> so many of the veterans here today and >> it has been >> cannot ask for a better day. >> it was tremendous color and how about those amazing, inspiring wheelchair athletes. >> it was about raising money and especially to raise awareness of the needs of the veterans. >>
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in a suburb tonight learned that the suspect was no stranger to police. >> teenagers busting windows at a local business caught the eye learned how a store owner battled back and one. >> some athletes say they are singled out with back-to-school rules. >> r beginning with the latest on a car crash turned murder. the suspect covertly before a judge today, as they attempt to unravel the casege. >> tonight coming people are shocked in family is heartbroke as lorrie taylor has the story here . >> matthew desha made his first court appearance today the youn
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matthew desha of north ridgeville make his first court appearance before municipal court judge. police say he ran a red light early saturday crashing into deborah pearl's car as she was going to work at harley-davidson, they say that the former marine crawled out o his overturned suv with a rifle
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of her dorm. we loved her she is deeply missed she meant so much to her family into our church. >> 29-year-old matthew desha, unemployed color as been speaking they're not revealing what was said, they've not yet determine a motive behind the killing, spokesman says the investigatio does not indicate it was a hate crime. although they're still looking at all possibilities. >> a family member confirming h is a marine corps veteran, refused to say if he had psychological issues. >> he served 2,004, 2,008 comes


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